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PureGas™ Cylinder Gas Cabinet

PureGas™ Cylinder Gas Cabinet

The PureGas™ Gas Cabinet is designed to cover a wide range of cylinder gas delivery applications. In its simplest form, the PureGas™ Gas Cabinet houses 1, 2, 3 or 4 gases, and includes a high purity, manual gas panel for each gas. Modular PureGas™ Panels are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-Valve designs for Process and Instrumentation Diagrams. Each panel may be tailored to the specific gas and application. With the addition of the optional PurePowr™ Controller, the PureGas™ Cabinet can support a myriad of automated ALARM and panel SHUTDOWN options such as: Auto- Switchover, Excess Flow Sensors, Low Cylinder Pressure Alarms, High Delivery Pressure Alarms, Gas Leak Sensors, Scales and more! The PurePowr™ Controller can support up to eight (8) user-settable alarm inputs and eight (8) user-settable alarm outputs. EMO slambutton and Exhaust Pressure Sensor are included with the PurePower™ controller option.

Cylinder Cabinet
Standard Configurations

  • 1-cyl, [1-process]
  • 2-cyl [1-process, 1-purge] 
  • 2-cyl [2-process]* 
  • 3-cyl [3-process]* 
  • 3-cyl [2-process, 1-purge] 

* Purge SideCar is an external, integrated purge cylinder

Gas Panel/Manifold Purity
Standard Configurations

  • UHP construction: orbitally welded/VCR® 316L SS or VIM/VAR
  • UHP grade regulator (nontied diaphragm standard)
  • UHP grade diaphragm valves (20 Ra standard)

HP Gas Panels Standard Configurations

  • 3-Valve design [HP vent]
  • 4-Valve design [adds PURGE]
  • 6-Valve design [adds EVAC] 

UHP Gas Panels
Standard Configurations

  • 25 Ra surface finish
  • Dual stage regulators
  • Outlet filters (0.003 um)
  • DISS cylinder fittings 

Industrial Gas Panels
Standard Configurations

  • 3-Valve process gas panel [adds HP vent, 1-Valve is standard]

Optional PurePowr™ Controller

  • Automatic shutdown of process gas panels
  • Up to 8 user-definable alarms
  • Up to 8 user-definable outputs
  • Audible/visible alarm indication
  • EMO button
  • Multilevel password protection
  • CLASS 100 / CLASS 10 clean room assembly and test

PurePowr™ Control Components

  • Exhaust pressure switch
  • HI cylinder pressure switch
  • HI delivery pressure switch
  • Integrated gas leak detection
  • UVIR detection
  • Excess flow sensor

Other Equipment Options

  • Adjustable cylinder shelves
  • Restrictive flow orifices
  • Cylinder scales
  • CGA torque wrenches


  • 1-cyl: 18”W x 72”H x 19”D
  • 2-cyl: 24”W x 72”H x 19”D
  • 3-cyl: 36”W x 72”H x 19”D


1Pneumatic Supply Adjustable to 90 psig 1 slm max.

2Process Purge Adjustable to 85 psig 30 slm max.

3Vacuum Drive Adjustable to 85 psig 85 slm max.

4Process Vent >1.0” WC 100 slm

1Power 115V/3A N/A

Sprinkler [if used] 30 psig 31 gpm

Exhaust 0.15” WC

0.15” WC

300 scfm (2-cyl)

450 scfm (3-cyl)

1Needed only with optional PurePowr™ Controller

2Needed only with 4-Valve, 6-Valve gas panel configurations

3Needed only with 6-Valve gas panel configurations

4Needed only with 3, 4, 6-Valve gas panel configurations

5Damper must be adjusted to meet 200 fpm face velocity as required by UFC


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