Cryo Pure

Bulk Semiconductor Process Gases

Bulk Semiconductor Process Gases

Cryo Pure Corp., an authorized distributor of Praxair® provides bulk semiconductor process gases to help semiconductor manufacturers improve productivity, enhance safety and lower costs.

The advantages of bulk process gas supply include:

  • fewer changeouts-which improves safety and reduces operating costs
  • higher, more consistent and reliable product purity
  • cost-of-ownership benefits such as reduced capital investment on items such as gas cabinets and piping
  • reduced operating expenses: product analysis, cylinder hookups, shipping and handling cylinder

We offer the following semiconductor process gases in bulk:

» Ammonia
» Hydrogen Chloride
» Chlorine » Methane
» Dichlorosilane » Nitrogen Trifluoride
» Halocarbon 14 » Nitrous Oxide
» Halocarbon 23 » Silicon Tetrachloride
» Halocarbon 116 » Trichlorosilane
» Halocarbon 218 » C4F8O
» Halocarbon C318  

Our extensive experience with regulatory agencies enables us to help our customers resolve packaging issues, from permitting to distribution.
*Cryo Pure Corporation's use of the word bulk does not imply the DOT definition of bulk packaging.