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Buy Medical Sterilizing Gases and Equipment: Oxyfume, Sterilizing Gas 8

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Even the most advanced healthcare methods require this one essential step. And because of our longstanding relationship with the healthcare industry, we understand that. That’s why our specialty gas experts work directly with you to determine the right medical gas mixture for your specific sterilization application. Whether your facility prefers Sterilizing Gas 8 or Oxyfume® 2000, or is large and diverse enough to use both, we provide the gases required by today’s leading gas sterilization equipment.

Oxyfume 2000

Ethylene Oxide has been used for healthcare sterilization for more than 40 years. We provide the ethylene oxide mixtures required by today's leading gas sterilization equipment. Oxyfume 2000 is an effective and field-tested sterilant comprised of a non-flammable blend of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and ethylene oxide. It works in both small and large chambers, and is compatible with the same wraps and trays you're currently using. With Oxyfume 2000, you can sterilize the same devices you sterilize with ethylene oxide. Oxyfume 2000 contains 8.6% ethylene oxide by weight and HCFC-124 that acts as carrier gas and flame suppressant. 

Oxyfume® 2000 is an effective, time-tested sterilant used in the healthcare industry. It is a non-flammable blend of 8.6% ethylene oxide and hydrochlorofluorocarbon-124 which acts as a carrier gas and flame suppressant. Oxyfume 2000 works in both small and large chambers and can be used with the same wraps and trays you’re currently using in your sterilizing applications. Oxyfume2000 can be used on all the same devices you currently sterilize with ethylene oxide.

Sterilizing Gas 8

Sterilizing Gas 8 is a carbon dioxide-based sterilant gas, with an active ingredient of 8.5% ethylene oxide. This non-flammable gas mixture was developed to replace the CFC-12 that was phased out of production due in part to its potential to deplete the ozone layer. If you are considering a change in sterilant gas, contact the sterilizer manufacturer first to ensure compatibility. Not all sterilizers can use Sterilizing Gas 8, but contact us to can help you determine if it’s right for you.

This non-flammable gas mixture was originally developed to replace CFC-12 and its ozone depleting characteristics in sterilization applications. Sterilizing Gas 8 is a carbon dioxide based gas with an active ingredient of 8.5% ethylene oxide. Not all sterilizers can use this mixture so if you’re considering a change in your sterilant gas, contact us to find out if this gas is right for you.

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