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Cryo Pure Corporation, a distributor of Praxiar, will supply your lab with a full line of medical, specialty and laboratory gases and gas mixtures customized to your requirements for everything from growth culture for microorganisms to calibrating and operating analytical instruments. Whatever your needs, you can depend on the purity and integrity of Praxair products, as well as our proven production and delivery capabilities. Our representatives are completely qualified to help resolve technical issues, either through their own expertise or by calling on our worldwide scientific and engineering resources.

Industrial Gas Supply and Technology for Laboratories

Pure control

Variables belong in your experiments, not your lab materials. You can depend on the purity and integrity of our products to help you conduct the most accurate experiments possible. We’ll supply your lab with a full line of high-purity analytical instrumentation gases, reagent gases, and gas mixtures, customized to your requirements. And we don’t stop there. Our laboratory services go far beyond gas supply. We offer a full line of cryopreservation and gas handling, distribution and storage equipment to help you work safely and productively. Because here, we don’t experiment with your satisfaction.

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