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Quick Overview

We offer compressed neon gas and liquid neon (Ne) in a variety of purities and concentrations.

Product Description


We offer methane in a variety of purities and concentrations. See the chart below and download the spec sheet and SDS for more information on buying methane containers, tanks and cylinders.

Methane, Compressed                      Concentration > 99%

Methane, Refrigerated Liquid          Concentration > 99%

Methane Air Mixture                           Concentration > 0.5 ppm – 2.5% Air

Methane Argon Mixture                     Concentration > 0.5 ppm – 99.5% Argon

 Methane Helium Mixture                   Concentration > 0.5 ppm – 99.5% Argon

 Methane Hydrogen Mixture              Concentration > 0.5 ppm – 99.5% Hydrogen

Methane Nitrogen Mixture                Concentration > 0.5 ppm – 99.5% NItrogen

*Only for concentrations below 50%. For mixtures above 50%, see SDS for the inverse mixture.

We develop the right grades for the right applications. Contact us and we’ll help you get the most out of your methane gas.